435S Agri Wheel Loader

A highest quality wheel loader designed to maximise productivity on the farm.

Quick Specs

Max Engine Power

172kW (230hp)

Op. Weight Range


Bucket Capacity



The JCB 435S Agri Wheel Loader is designed to maximise productivity on the farm. Built with a high power-to-weight ratio using only the finest components – a Cummins engine, ZF transmission and axles, and Rexroth pumps – the 435S will last the distance. And, with 230hp, 945Nm and a 264 l/min hydraulic circulation, it’ll perform to the max throughout.It’s all-day comfortable – a comfy operator is, after all, a productive one. It’s also safe, serviceable and, with features like Eco mode and Auto Idle, it’s highly fuel-efficient too.

We know that a wheel loader is a key part of the farm’s process. That’s why the 435S Agri Wheel Loader is built on a foundation of quality and reliability. The processes we’ve used to design and manufacture them will safeguard your working process, hour after hour, day after day. The new 435S Agri Wheel Loader can also perform great feats of productivity. Deliverying a massive 230HP, and weighing under 14 tonnes, the machine has a huge power-to-weight ratio of 16.8HP/tonne for ultimate pushing, climing and road performance.

The JCB 435S is also designed to move more material for less. To achieve this, we’ve designed the engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in harmony with each other, for ultimate efficiency. The lastest 435S Agri Wheel Loader boasts our all-new command plus cab. This unique approach to ergonomics is the result of a radical rethink and a rigorous research programme. Expect best-in-class comfort, visibility, ergonomics and quietness.

JCB understand that wheel loaders need to spend the maximum amount of time hard at work. So, they’ve designed the JCB 435S agri wheel loader to do just that, with long service intervals and quality components. The new JCB 435S Agri Wheel Loader is also designed to keep the operator and your farm safe at all times. Great visibility, non-slip surfaces and full ROPS/FOPS protection are just the start.





  • High power-to-weight ratio for ultimate performance
  • 6-speed 50kph transmission with torque convertor lock-up
  • All-day-comfortable operator environment and JCB Smoothride load suspension
  • T4F 6.7 litre engine producing 230hp and 945Nm
  • High torque (HT) loader arm with high lift option
  • Cummins engine, ZF transmission/axles, Rexroth pumps, Parker valve blocks
Designed to work hard.

Finite element analysis, as well as extensive endurance and rig testing ensure superior structural strength and durability. Cold cell testing guarantees starting performance down to -20˚C.

The new front chassis is more durable than ever; it’s been strengthened with additional ribs and gussets for maximum service life. Precision machining provides high tolerances and accurate location of pins and bushes. Protecting ancillaries. A solid cast rear counterweight protects the rear of the machine – including the rear lights and cooling pack – from damage. For additional protection, there are impact-resistant fender edges and trims fitted.

Well articulated.

Hoses are neatly routed and clamped through the articulation joint, well away from any pinch points.

Designed to tolerate both vertical and horizontal loadings, the articulation joint has a heavy-duty centre pin and oversized bush, as well as twin taper roller bearings on the top box joints.

These machines have integral steel fluid tanks for the ultimate in leak protection; a far superior solution to the plastic tanks favoured by some competitors.

Drivetrain performance.

The Cummins QSB 6.7-litre engine achieves maximum engine power (172kW) and peak torque (945Nm) at low revs for excellent response. A variable geometry turbocharger provides increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times and tractive effort. Loading productivity. JCB’s optional quickhitch makes attachment changing quick and efficient. The quickhitch is designed to be compatible with aftermarket attachments too. Powerful twin variable displacement piston pump hydraulics can circulate a massive 264 l/min for fast cycles and excellent multi-function capability.

The high torque (HT) arm design on the 435S wheel loader gives great visibility to the loader end, as well as offering parallel lift, making it ideal for multi-attachment use.Constant torque throughout the full carriage rotation provides excellent power and attachment control. Choose a HT high lift on the 435S and you can use the machine for higher loading height applications (hopper, trailer and spreader loading).

The unique 6-speed transmission with torque convertor lock-up in every gear provides closer gear ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and roading performance. The lock-up element eliminates losses from the torque converter for faster cycle times and improved efficiency.

The innovative electronic management can perform progressive clutch cut-off for efficient, productive loader control. This feature controls tractive effort via the transmission, diverting maximum power to the loader hydraulics and reducing service brake wear and fuel consumption. With a choice of axle options you can tailor a 435S wheel loader to any application.

  • Open differentials are ideal for hard standing ground conditions.
  • Limited slip differential is perfect for soft, muddy terrain with reduced traction.
  • Open differentials with an automatic locking front axle differential provide excellent traction in varied ground conditions – ideal for straight line pushing
Safely does it.

Our rear-view camera displays an unobstructed rearward view on the in-cab colour monitor onboard your 435S wheel loader. Superb visibility in dark conditions is guaranteed with JCB’s optional 360 degree LED lighting. You’ll find the rear-view mirrors mounted in front of the A-pillars for improved all-round visibility.

Interior mirrors, electrical adjustable heated exterior mirrors and rear camera combine to offer excellent views to every corner of your machine. Visibility over the rear bonnet is excellent because the air cleaner is underneath the bonnet and the exhaust stack is located centrally. Access steps on the 435S wheel loader are inclined and equally spaced, complemented by well positioned grab handles for three points of contact at all times.

Full fender coverage flaps have been carefully designed to keep forward spray to a minimum for all tyre options. This increases safety and decreases debris build-up. Door hinges are now mounted on the A-pillar; this simple change has created much better access Via a larger and wider door aperture. It also means you can access the rear of your loader more safely. The battery and tool box are lockable for added security.

The cab is isolator-mounted, compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards, and positively pressurised against dust. You can choose from fresh air or carbon filters as well. Engines fitted with a DPF can pose an increased fire risk because extreme heat can be created in regeneration mode. The new 435S wheel loader doesn’t use a DPF, so this is no cause for concern. Non-slip walkways allow for safe movement around the machine.

Routine maintenance.

It’s easy to get to the engine on a new JCB 435S wheel loader with a large automatic opening single-piece bonnet. Accessing the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank is similarly straightforward via the lockable grille at the rear of the machine. You can check washer fluid level, engine oil and coolant from inside the cab, with all other routine checks and grease points located at ground level. This makes life both easier and safer.

Most Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engines use a costly Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that can cost a lot of money and time when it needs replacing. The Cummins engine is DPF-free, reducing your servicing and running costs. A large single-faced wide-core cooling pack package with swing out reverse fan, provides unrivalled quick, easy and safe cleaning. With the optional auto lubrication kit, your machine will take care of its own greasing requirements.

Less servicing, more productivity, more profit.

The CommandPlus cab relays machine condition giving real time alerts, safeguarding both the machine and the operator.

The intuitive CommandPlus help function provides the operator with meaningful descriptions of in-cab switch function. Using the “?” button, this allows new or unfamiliar operators to quickly and easily understand machine functions without having to refer to the operators manual. By using premium components in the 435S wheel loader (Cummins engine, ZF transmissions and axles, Rexroth pumps and Parker valve blocks), we’ve built in long service life as standard.

Full hydraulic dual circuit braking with multiple oil immersed discs gives the braking system a virtually maintenance-free lifespan. A cyclonic engine fan scavenge filter provides four times the filtering capacity of a standard air filter. It’s a longer life system, with fewer components and a higher level of efficiency, making for better engine protection. There’s a large 400-litre fuel tank fitted, which ensures maximum working hours between refills.

Heating and ventilation filters are conveniently located behind an external access panel. The main fuse board and relays have been repositioned next to the door for easy access.


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