Our Customers

Read about some of Hunter JCB's many loyal customers.


AR Excavations 55Z

Pictured here is Adrian from AR Excavations taking delivery of his shiny new JCB 55Z-1 Mini Excavator!

Adrian packaged his machine up with a full kit of attachments: buckets, ripper, auger drive and hydraulic 5 finger grapple. So whatever earthworks you need done, Adrian and the AR Excavations team have you covered!

Thanks Adrian for choosing Hunter JCB!



Here are the fellas from Baramul Stud taking delivery of their new JCB 532-70 Farm Special Telehandler.

With 7 metre lift height, 3 tonne capacity and 108kW of power, the 532-70 is ideal for even the toughest jobs around the farm. Plus, with the new JCB CommandPlus cab, the Baramul team will work in supreme comfort, quiet and control.

Thanks to all the crew at Baramul Stud for choosing Hunter JCB!



Here we have Pete and his sons Jack and Will from Peter Sellars Rural Fencing, taking delivery of their new JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator!

Pete, Jack and Will chose the 18Z-1 along with a bucket set, ripper, auger drive and 5 finger grapple to give them maximum versatility and performance in their fencing projects.

Thanks fellas for choosing Hunter JCB!



Here’s Ben from LinCon Earthmoving taking delivery of his brand new JCB 8035 ZTS Mini Excavator!

Not a bad way for Benny to end the week! He’s picked an absolute beauty of a machine, with its true zero tailswing, 23.6kW engine, superb stability, exceptional comfort and long service intervals.

Thanks Ben and LinCon Earthmoving for choosing Hunter JCB!


JBL Earthworx

Pictured here are the legendary Leah and Jeff from JBL Earthworx in Taree taking delivery of their brand new JCB 48Z-1 Mini Excavator package complete with a Doherty Double Locking Hydraulic Tilt Hitch and Bucket Kit.

JBL offer top quality construction, roadworks, land clearing, demolition and rubbish removal to Taree and the wider Mid North Coast region.

The JCB 48Z-1’s combination of hydraulic power, comfort, ease of operation and compact size will suit JBL’s diverse range of projects on a wide variety of job sites perfectly.

Thanks to Leah and Jeff for choosing Hunter JCB and we can’t wait to see all the incredible work you do in your new digger!


Here’s Dave Price, owner of Price Constructions, taking delivery of his new JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator package including machine, 3 buckets and and tyne ripper!

Dave will be using his new 18Z for a wide range of excavation, landscaping, construction and general earthmoving projects throughout the Hunter region.

Thanks Dave for choosing Hunter JCB!


Adam Bogacz - Valley View Landscapes

Pictured here is Adam Bogacz, owner of Valley View Landscapes, with his new JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator package – including machine, trailer, bucket kit and auger drive! What an awesome combo for landscaping!

Valley View Landscapes offer a wide range of top quality, best value landscaping services to the Hunter region! Give Adam and the team a call to organise your next job!

Thanks Adam for choosing Hunter JCB, we love your work!


AA Hire & Excavation Ryan Mullard

Here’s Ryan from AA Hire and Excavation stoked to be taking delivery of his brand new JCB 18Z Mini Excavator yesterday!

Thanks Ryan for choosing Hunter JCB!


RTC Group are proud to be one of the very first Australian owners of JCB’s new 220X Excavator!

The RTC team chose the 220X due to it’s exceptional comfort, control, performance, reliability and productivity.

We can’t wait to witness the incredible projects that RTC complete in the coming weeks, months and years with their new 220X!

Thanks to RTC Group for choosing Hunter JCB.


Nick Bourke St Bernards Constructions

It’s going to be a fun long weekend for Nick Bourke of St Bernard Constructions (pictured), who just took delivery of a new toy to play with over the next few days – an 18Z-1 Mini Excavator with Tilt Mud Bucker and Auger Drive with a 300mm Bit!

Thanks to Nick and the St Bernard team for choosing Hunter JCB and the 18Z-1 Excavator!

We’re sure it will serve you well for a long time to come!


Ironhide Enterprises

Pictured here are Jamon and Michelle Foster from Ironhide Enterprises, taking delivery of their new JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator!

This is Ironhide’s third JCB machine, already running a JZ140 14 tonner and also an 85Z-1 8.5 tonner as well.

Sincere thanks to Jamon and Michelle for your loyalty to JCB machinery!


Hunter JCB and MS Verdich & Sons Oysters demonstrate the new 541-70 telehandler in action.

A hugely efficient Dieselmax-powered telescopic loader, the JCB 541-70 sits on a chassis that’s designed for load-bearing and stability. Its 4000kg lift capacity, 7 metre lift height, a tight turning circle and class-leading build quality combine to produce an exceptional materials handler.

The side-mounted JCB engine combines with JCB axles and transmission to ensure a reliable drivetrain performance from well-proven components. In addition, there’s instant steering selection between three modes for easy operation, a tight turn radius and great manoeuvrability.



The rain hasn’t dampened the spirits of John from Hunter Tech Services, because he’s just picked up his brand new JCB 86C-1 Mini Excavator!

HTS offer a range of demolition, construction and maintenance solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and government clients.

The 86C’s versatility, comfort and efficiency will be perfect for the wide variety of demanding projects HTS complete every week.

Thanks John and HTS for choosing Hunter JCB!


TTK Excavations 8025 JCB Mini Excavator

Here’s Richard from TTK Excavations with his new JCB 8025 ZTS.

The 8025 is powerful, efficient, smooth to operate and lightweight for easy transport, with the added safety and accessibility afforded by its zero tailswing design.

If you’re in the market for a 2.5 tonne mini excavator, the 8025 is your best bet.

Thanks to Richard and the TTK crew for choosing Hunter JCB!


Doug from Tree Solutions reviews his JCB 55Z-1 Mini Excavator and Fecon FMX36 Mulching Head combination, recently purchased from Hunter JCB.

Tree Solutions are based on the NSW Mid North Coast and offer a full range of arborculture, felling, site cleaning and general forestry works to the surrounding areas.

The 55Z-1 + FMX36 combination’s power, speed and durability allows Doug to undertake tree removals and forestry work with maximum efficiency (even when working with the hardest Australian timbers), and leaves the site clean and trees finely mulched for a superior end result.


Noel Atkins from Trappel Earthmoving explains the many benefits of operating the JS130 13 Tonne Excavator.

Trappel Earthmoving is a highly-regarded Hunter-based excavation company working throughout the Newcastle, Maitland, Dungog and surrounding areas.

Thanks to Noel and the Trappel Earthmoving crew for reviewing the JS130! Click here to find out more about the JS130 Excavator.



Here is Chris from Newcastle Hunter Blocked Drains with his shiny new JCB 18Z-1 1.8T mini digger, which he picked up in a great value package deal including a 10×5 3.5T Galvanised Tipper Trailer from Bonanza Trailers.

Chris is available for plumbing and drainage works throughout Newcastle and the Hunter, and is also hiring out this machine + trailer combo to customers.

Thanks Chris for choosing Hunter JCB!


Landscapes Unearthed 1

Here’s Chris from Landscapes Unearthed, who has just received an early Christmas present from Santa…

His brand new 18Z-1 Mini Excavator and Bonanza Trailers 2.8T Plant Trailer package!

Talk about a great way to start the festive season! Cheers Chris for choosing Hunter JCB.


We are excited to have recently delivered a new JCB 531-70 telehandler to Ironwood Australia Sawmill.

Ironwood is a leading supplier of reclaimed, recycled and architectural Australian hardwood timbers.

Currently working in Ironwood’s facility at Pampoolah (Taree), this telehandler is ideal for shifting timber around the yard all day, every day.

Our thanks to Chris and his team at Ironwood for choosing Hunter JCB!


We are proud to have recently delivered a new JCB 535-95 telehandler to Gongues Constructions.

Currently working on a Tier 1 project at Quakers Hill Water Recycling Plant, Gongues are based in Cameron Park and undertake a wide range of major constructions projects around NSW.

Our thanks to Carlos, Dougie and the team at Gongues for choosing Hunter JCB, and working with us to capture this awesome action and review video on-site!



Here’s Peter Moore from All State Demolition and Asbestos Removal with his brand new JCB 8025 ZTS 2.5T mini excavator. Peter’s got all the gear to get any demolition job done, including 3 buckets, ripper, hydraulic grab, hammer, auger drive and 300 + 600 bits.

He might support the wrong footy team, but Pete definitely chose the right mini excavator!

Cheers Pete for choosing Hunter JCB and we’re sure your new 8025 will serve you well for a long time to come.


Plumbing Doctor - Joe Machine 2

Here’s Joe from The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor taking delivery of their second brand new 18Z-1 mini digger this week!

Joe and his team now have 2 of these beauties working hard around town on all kinds of plumbing and electrical projects.

Thanks again to all the team at The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor for your support!


Plumbing Doctor - Brady

Here’s Brady from The Plumbing Doctor taking delivery of their new 18Z-1 mini digger this week!

It’s their first of two 18Z-1 machines ordered and the fellas love the innovative design and unmatched hydraulic performance these beauties have to offer.

It’s a premium quality excavator for a premium quality business! Thanks to all the team at The Plumbing Doctor for your support!



It’s a very happy Friday for Mark from Mark Howard Maintenance, who just picked up his brand new 18Z-1 Mini Excavator!

Mark specialises in a wide range of domestic and commercial maintenance projects, so the 18Z-1’s handy versatility, awesome performance, all-day comfort and tight accessibility will suit Mark perfectly.

Thanks to Mark and his team for choosing Hunter JCB – we’re sure the yellow beast will serve you well for years to come!


Catalina Hire Steve Richards

Here we have Stephen Richards from Catalina Hire taking home his brand new JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator! Catalina Hire is based in Mount Vincent and offers great value equipment hire to the Hunter Valley.

The JCB 18Z-1 Mini Excavator offers an unrivalled operator experience, with extremely smooth hydraulics, 100% steel bodywork to withstand knocks, fewer service requirements and no daily greasing – meaning Stephen will spend less time and money maintaining his machine, and will complete his excavations with unparalleled efficiency.

Thanks to Stephen and the Catalina team for choosing Hunter JCB for their latest machine investment!


Leed Civil

Here’s a happy Adam Howarth from Leed Civil (pictured) taking delivery of his new 18Z-1 Mini Excavator with a Bonanza Trailers 2.8T Plant Trailer.

Leed Civil offer top quality landscaping, earthmoving and construction services to Port Stephens, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. The compact, powerful, zero tailswing and smooth to operate 18Z-1 will be perfect for all these tasks.

Adam got his 18Z-1 and Bonanza Trailer in a special package deal – contact us today to find out more and be impressed by the low price machine + trailer package, available for a limited time only!



Here are Daryl and Adam Egelton from Egelton Plumbing with their brand new JCB 55Z-1 Mini Excavator.

Egelton Plumbing offer a range of top-quality plumbing capabilities to the Newcastle and Maitland area, from small domestic jobs up to large civil projects. The 55Z-1 5.5 tonner will suit Daryl and Adam’s broad spectrum of work perfectly, as it’s the ideal “big enough yet small enough” excavator for multi-purpose use. It’s highly powerful, productive, compact, agile, innovative and economical to own, includes exclusive safety features, is smooth to operate and easy to service.

Thanks to Daryl and Adam and we’re sure this quality 55Z-1 will serve you well!