426 HT Wheel Loader

Productive, efficient, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Quick Specs

Max Engine Power

113kW (151hp)

Op. Weight Range


Bucket Capacity



There are many reasons to choose the JCB 426 HT wheel loader. It’s productive, efficient, easy to maintain and extremely durable. Its 5.9 litre 6-cylinder Cummins engine is Stage 2 compliant and produces 112 kW and 633 Nm.

What’s more, all JCB front-end loaders are designed, built and serviced to get the most from every drop of fuel. On the JCB 426 wheel loader, there’s a load sensing hydraulic system with a variable displacement pump, and a variable speed cooling fan, all of which consume power only when required. Also included is premium componentry, such as a Cummins Engine and an all-ZF driveline.





  • Heavy duty articulation joint and well-positioned steering rams
  • ZF 4-speed powershift auto-manual transmission
  • All-day-comfortable operator environment and optional JCB Smoothride load suspension
  • Smart load sense hydraulic system maximizes efficiency
  • ZF LSD Axels as standard
  • Industry recognised components carefully selected for ultimate performance and reliability

Central to the 426 wheel loaders’s well-thought-out design is the person who will be controlling it. With operators working for up to 12 hours a day, they need to be constantly alert and comfortable so they can be productive. The 426’s cab is a remarkable achievement, combining a stylish interior with highly practical features.


With a wide door, steps inclined to 10° (something that’s fast becoming a quarry standard), non-slip surfaces and well-positioned handles, access is always easy and safe, helping to minimise accidents on site.


At 3m³, the 426 wheel loader has one seriously large operating environment, with every detail ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. There’s also plenty of room for storage, including a massive open-floor space.

The cab is fully sealed in order to reduce dust and dirt entering the cabin, maintaining a healthy working environment. To suit different environments, a range of fresh air intake filters (P3, carbon and standard) is also available; all are easy to remove for cleaning and replacement.

The standard high-backed suspension seat is fully adjustable and provides excellent support and comfort. The result is reduced operator fatigue for added productivity.

The excellent heating and ventilation systems ensure ideal working temperatures. There is a variable blower speed and a range of fresh air intake filters to choose from. The temperature and recirculation controls are all well marked out and simple to use. An optional airconditioning system and heated, air-suspended seat are also available.

Today’s worksites are busier than ever, so safety is always a primary concern. At JCB, we’re committed to doing everything we can to reduce the risk of accidents and so we have designed the 426 to give operators the best possible visibility all around the machine.


A perfectly matched, balanced powertrain provides the power to move even the most demanding material from A to B.


The 426 wheel loader boasts an air-to-air intercooled low-emission engine with electronically controlled fuel-injection system. This delivers high torque at a low engine RPM, enabling the operator to fill the bucket faster. ZF Smoothshift transmission The 426/436 features a fully automatic transmission. Normally the driver has to select the correct gear to ensure efficient fuel use. But with this system the correct gear is automatically and immediately selected ensuring the absolute maximum productivity and fuel efficiency, and prolonging the life of the machine.


You can choose your ideal loader arm on a 426 wheel loader, with z-bar linkage (ZX) for high breakout applications or high torque (HT) for parallel lift and multi-attachment use. Choose a HT high lift on the 426 wheel loader, or super high lift HT on the 436 wheel loader and you can use the machine for higher loading height applications (hopper and lorry loading). Daily and weekly maintenance checks can be completed easily and safely by operators, thanks to ground-level checkpoints.


Keeping your machine at the right temperature will ensure it stays efficient and has a long life. The 426 wheel loader’s cooling system is cleverly designed to stay free of dirt and debris, while the cooling pack can be easily cleaned via the swing-out rear grille and single-piece engine cover doors. For particularly arduous or dusty conditions, add-on options include a fully automatic reversing fan and a widecore cooling pack. The reversing fan is designed to protect the cooling pack while the widecore pack allows larger particles through the cooler without catching.

Our sophisticated Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) controls and monitors the components, triggering built-in safeguards that prevent major damage to major parts. For example, if the coolant temperature gets too hot, the machine will automatically protect itself and shut down. This multi-language system allows you to set certain functions to suit the application, for optimum performance, and displays key operation data in real time. Fault codes allow quick identification of problems enabling quicker turnaround of issues, while a service indicator lets you know when service is required.


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