330 Skid Steer Loader

Designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability and is the largest machine in the wheel range.

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The JCB 330 skid steer loader is a large platform machine with vertical lift, and has a rated operating capacity of 1517kg. It incorporates our unique Powerboom and side entry features that have revolutionised the SSL market.

Built in the USA, this 330 skid steer loader is designed for maximum comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability, and is the largest machine in the JCB wheel range.

The 330 SSL has on average 60% better visibility and a 33% larger cab than other brands. What’s more, there are plenty of additional benefits as well, such as: ergonomic controls, an extremely tough powerful boom and a low cost of ownership.

Available for sale, dry hire or rental throughout Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.


Hunter JCB 330 Skid Steer Loader SSL 1

Hunter JCB 330 Skid Steer Loader SSL 2

Hunter JCB 330 Skid Steer Loader SSL 3

Hunter JCB 330 Skid Steer Loader SSL 4

  • Safety – Unique side-entry design for operator’s safe entry and exit
  • Visibility – 270 degrees of clear vision and up to 60% better visibility than other brands
  • Comfort – Largest operator area by up to 33% and quietest cab in the industry
  • Strength – Unique Powerboom loader arm and Parallel lift and Smooth Ride System (SRS)
  • Performance and Efficiency – Powered by the famous JCB DieselMAX fuel efficient engine
  • Serviceability – Tilting cab and rear opening service door for optimum service access increasing uptime

JCB’s Unique Powerboom has up to 20% more weight than conventional twin arm machines. This makes the it robust, reliable and durable increasing machine value and lowering lifetime costs. Design matched to the chassis dynamics ensures overall design and performance strength.

The JCB DieselMAX  engine has long since established a reputation of reliability, efficiency and robustness. The power train uses well renown Rexroth pump assemblies that are power-matched to the engine performance ensuring a strong reliable drive train combination with enormous torque characteristics. Further enhancing the strength and reliability of the JCB skid steer loader range is the adoption of durable o-ring face seals throughout the transmission and hydraulic systems. These eliminate leak paths and increase component life.


The largest operator area by up to 33% and quietest cab in the industry are standard benefits you receive when owning and operating a JCB skid steer loader and compact track loader. It’s the most comfortable cab operating environment in its class and its modular pressurised design prevents any dirt or dust entering the cab. This allows for excellent climate control, with a factory installed air conditioning system which is powerful and efficient and will keep the operator cool and comfortable.

Having the largest cab in the industry means operators have tremendous leg, head and shoulder room. Class leading low in cab noise levels further reduces operator fatigue when working for long periods.

The JCB skid steer loaders provide the ideal operator environment, low effort servo controls with multi-function joysticks, fully adjustable suspension seat, ergonomically placed places gauges and controls, radio cup holders and storage areas with a 12volt charge point for mobile phones. Three selectable responsive operating modes and easy changeover between JCB’s servo to dual hand controls or H Pattern increase operator efficiency and comfort.

JCB’s SRS (Smooth Ride System) is a standard feature and enhances operator comfort as the machine moves around its work area.

Comfortable operators are more productive, fresher providing more profitability.


Providing a safer working environment for machine operators is high on JCB’s agenda and the 330 skid steer loaders are designed with safety to the core. Our unique single PowerBoom configuration means operators can enter the machine from the side.

The slip and crush hazards built into other brands still using the conventional twin arm designs, contribute to one of the highest incident areas on machinery today and probably the most under reported.

JCB’s side entry allows operators to start their day safely and once they are in the seat a whole new phenomena takes over. Not only is the cab larger than other brands by up to 33%, it also has 60% better visibility than conventional skid steers, partly due to a low profile single rear loader tower, the absence of a conventional rear torque tube and left loader arm assembly. Two external and one internal convex mirror provide unparalleled visibility when reversing.

The front windshield doubles as an emergency exit that is over twice the size of conventional machines.  Then there’s the fuel tank, integrated into the chassis for added protection and hydraulic hoses that run through the PowerBoom to reduce the possibility of damage. In short, it’s one of the safest skid steer loaders you can buy.

The USA’s NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) has rewritten their safety guidance after recognising the many benefits of JCB’s:

  • PowerBoom side entry design.
  • 270 degree all-round visibility.
  • JCB PowerBoom has up to 20% more steel in one boom than the twin arms of conventional designs.
  • Our skid steer’s emergency exit is over twice the size of that found in a conventional design.

The tilting cab and rear opening service door are two key reasons why JCB skid steer loaders lead the industry for optimum service access that increases uptime for our customers. The longitudinally mounted engine means easy access to the drive belt and associated components. Engine Horsepower flows directly to the bell housing mounted transmission and hydraulic pumps and eliminate power absorbing expensive right angle belt drives that are in the industry.

The chassis has front and rear clean out plates with a rear fluid drain facility as well to reduce service times.

JCB skid steer loaders have 30% fewer grease points than average vertical lift twin arm skid steers optimising our customers operational time in the machine.

The engine air filtration system features  “ACTIVE” scavenging that increases service intervals and prolongs filter life.

The modular cab can be tilted by one person in a couple of minutes giving clear access to drive train, hydraulic and electronic components.

So it’s no wonder our large platform skid steer loaders are on average 24% more serviceable than competitors’ machines, based on SAE Service Audit Scores. And there’s more too.


270 degree all-round visibility translates to JCB skid steer loaders having on average a 60% advantage over twin arm skid steers and track loaders.

Better operator visibility of their work site leads to increased productivity, improved site safety and more comfort. The tunnel vision feeling of twin arm machines is a thing of the past in JCB skid steer loaders and compact track  loaders.


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