275-600 kVA Generators

JCB’s 275-600kVA power range uses the superior Scania engine.

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Hunter JCB’s 275-600kVA power range uses the superior Scania engine, to provide both fuel optimised and Stage IIIA models. If you need a reliable power source to deliver maximum uptime and optimised operating efficiency, then a Scania engine is a perfect choice.

At Hunter JCB, we understand that your power requirements can vary greatly across applications and industries. JCB generators provide the flexibility to be able to deliver the right power solutions for the right job.

The preference for alternative fuels is becoming more and more common and our range of Scania generators can be run with alternative fuels to suit market preferences.

JCB Diesel Generator Scania 1

JCB Diesel Generator Scania 2

JCB Diesel Generator Scania 3

JCB Diesel Generator Scania 4

  • Available at 50Hz or 60Hz to suit all territories
  • Open or canopied to suit any application
  • Single lift point and fork pockets as standard
  • Fuel optimised and stage IIIA engines available
  • Intuitive Deep See Electronics control panel
  • 100% bio diesel capability

This range of engines also includes a choice of Stage IIIA engines to offer even greater emissions compliance and efficiency.

All Scania powered generators can be run with 100% bio fuel, proving a real attraction to many customers for STOR and carbon credit applications in the UK.

Scania engines are designed and developed for distinct and powerful handling of step-load situations, yet with short recovery times. This engine range is highly effective at dealing with load variations but still deliver outstanding fuel economy and excellent emissions control.

High load variations are handled effectively, and despite the high power output throughout the engine range, you can count on outstanding fuel economy and excellent emission control.


Scania’s industrial engines have a well-established reputation for reliability and dependability. Increased service intervals offer maximum performance and productivity. The engines are designed for non-stop performance, ideal for a range of industries.


Exceptional performance from a smaller engine means this range can be delivered in a canopy model to reduce your site footprint.

Each generator is built upon a robust Base frame to protect all internal componentry. Low noise levels are also achieved through a robust sound attenuated canopy.


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