535-125 Hi-Viz Telehandler

The JCB 535-125 Hi-Viz is a major step forward in telehandler visibility.

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The JCB 535-125 Hi-Viz Telehandler is a major step forward in telehandler visibility, particularly the three-quarter view to the rear of the machine. It’s a full-sized 3-stage Loadall telescopic handler with a huge reach and a highly efficient Dieselmax engine.

This is achieved using a lowered boom pivot and a reduced-size (though very strong) boom section. The result is a 10% increase in all-round visibility, making the machine easier and faster to operate. To cap it off, there’s a compact reduced-overhang chassis for superb steering and manoeuvrability.

Available for sale, dry hire or rental throughout Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.





  • High power and torque at low revs
  • Impressive 3/4 view
  • Reduced boom height for better visibility
  • 13% reduction in boom section size means a 10% increase in overall visibility

The JCB 535-125 Hi-Viz telescopic handler has a phenomenal three-quarter view thanks to a boom height that’s been reduced by 235mm. Innovative construction techniques and material choices have also meant that there’s a 13% reduction in the overall boom section size. That adds up to a 10% increase in all-round visibility for fast, easy operation.

There’s even a more compact chassis with improved steering lock for a 250mm turning circle reduction. Combined with individual hydraulic wheel motors and four-wheel steering, the 535-125 Hi-Viz enjoys superb manoeuvrability.

It’s also got JCB’s Dieselmax engine for improved power and productivity. The 63 kW unit produces its power and torque at low revs, meaning that the engine has to work less hard than rival machines. That saves fuel and, of course, money.

Further productivity

  • Three steer modes (2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab)
  • Transmission disconnect button diverts engine power for improved hydraulic cycle times
  • Parallel lift gives excellent load retention

Every JCB telescopic handler is designed to maximise uptime and productivity. To do that, we make sure our components last a long time and, when routine replacements need to take place, we make sure everything important is easily accessible.

So all checks are quick, simple and safe to carry out from ground level on this Loadall. The one-piece bonnet is on a gas strut for ease and safety; the radiator chaff guard and reversing fan keeps out debris; the fold-out cooling package is easy to clean, as is the flat floor with drainage channels; and most service intervals, including boom lubrication, are a lengthy 500 hours.

Every JCB telescopic loader has a one-piece fully welded chassis for maximum strength and minimum weight. Hoses are routed through the boom and lights fold away to protect against site damage. The U-shaped boom with integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate has reduced joints and stress points.

Key components like telescopic handler transmissions are tested over thousands of cycles and all of our manufacturing processes are backed by ISO 9001:2008.


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