8025 ZTS Mini Excavator

Offers everything that a conventional tailswing does, with the added safety of ZTS zero tail swing.

Quick Specs

Max Dig Depth


Max Dump Height


Operating Weight

2806kg / 2833kg


The JCB 8025 ZTS mini excavator offers everything that a conventional tailswing does, with the added safety of ZTS zero tail swing. It is JCB’s 2.5 tonne excavator and is capable of class-leading performance and efficiency.

The 8025 ZTS / 8025 ZTSLC has a 2806kg / 2833kg operating weight, meaning you can transport it from site to site using low-cost readily-available logistics methods. A powerful 1.5 litre 3-cylinder 20.9 kW Perkins engine is mounted to a stable undercarriage, which is carefully matched to the dig envelope for optimum performance and added safety.

A 2-speed tracking motor provides a top speed of 4.3kph as well as superior tractive effort and traction. The JCB 8025 compact excavator also has single-acting auxiliary pipework as standard. Additional tie down points make it easier to strap the machine onto trailers, and rubber tracks are offered as standard.

Furthermore, in yet another innovative design addition, the undercarriage and dozer blade on the 8025 mini excavator are designed to ensure that debris doesn’t build up underneath or in front of the machine to slow you down.

Available for sale, dry hire or rental throughout Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.


JCB 8025 Mini Excavator

JCB 8025 Mini Excavator ZTS

JCB 8025 Mini Excavator Zero Tail Swing

JCB 8025 Mini Excavator Zero Tail Swing ZTS

  • Two-speed tracking motor
  • Superb stability
  • Excellent serviceability and long service intervals
  • Class-leading comfort
  • Excellent visibility

The JCB small excavator range is designed and manufactured with operator comfort and ergonomics the highest priority.

On the JCB 8025 ZTS mini excavator, a changeover button on the joystick lets you switch the right pedal between auxiliary service and boom offset function. In boom offset mode, you can operate the slew of the upper structure and the boom at the same time, allowing you to get the digger into the correct position straight away. Plus this foot pedal is servo operated for low-effort, precise control.

Whether you choose the cab or canopy option for your 8025 ZTS small digger, you’ll find visibility is second-to-none. To the left, you can see the entire track. To the right and the rear, the curving bonnet bestows a full view clear of any obstructions. We’ve also mounted the hoses on top of the boom to aid visibility further.


In direct response to customer demands, the JCB 8025 ZTS mini excavator boasts unrivalled service access and impressively-long 500-hour service intervals.


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