18Z-1 Mini Excavator

A new generation of best-in-class performance and comfort.

Quick Specs

Transport Weight


Max Dig Depth


Max Dump Height


  • Full width rear cast counterweight gives full protection against site damage.
  • 10 integral 18Z-1 tie-down points make transportation easier without damaging tracks
  • 180° opening bi-fold service door to access all cleaning and maintenance points with a separate, daily checks door.
  • The transport weights on the 18Z-1, 19C-1 and 19C-1 Premium allow the machines to be easily towed to wherever they’re needed making them very versatile.
  • Hydraulics that give operators the capability to simultaneously multi-task any combination of excavator functions smoothly and with full hydraulic power means less time to complete the job
  • 100% steel bodywork that withstands knocks but is cost effective to repair.

Available for sale, dry hire or rental throughout Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

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The New Generation JCB mini excavators have been designed and built to withstand the toughest of job sites. With long lasting components and easy, cost effective repairs, they provide minimum downtime and maximum profits.

100% steel bodywork that withstands knocks but is cost effective to repair.

Bushed dig end with hoses routed through the boom and dipper for ultimate durability and 500 hour Dig-End service intervals.

Solid cast rear door for maximum impact resistance compared to glass reinforced plastic.


When time is money and getting from the last job to the next job quicker is a huge advantage, the New Generation minis don’t hang about. Quick cleaning, servicing, transporting and attachment changes all add up to bigger profits for you.

10 tie down and lifting points ensure compliant, speedy machine transportation.

Sloping undercarriage design gives minimal soil retention and enables fast cleaning.

No daily greasing with easy to access maintenance and cleaning means quicker turnaround times.


Working quicker is also about working smarter. As working conditions become more and more restricted, safety becomes more and more important. JCB has always been at the forefront of site safety and provides innovative ways to improve it.

Optimum seat position with a large glass area and new bodywork design combine to give excellent all round visibility for increased on site safety.

JCB 2go full control isolation lever with neutral start operation means machines will not start unless all operations are isolated by locking the pilot control shut off valve, preventing accidental operation.

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