116D/PD Compaction Roller

Designed to provide the ultimate productivity and reduced life cycle costs and fuel consumption.

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The JCB 116D is a soil compactor that’s designed to provide the ultimate productivity. Equipped with an innovative Dieselmax engine, it provides a reduction in life cycle costs and fuel consumption.

JCB vibratory rollers are designed to handle harsh conditions. When developing the JCB 116D, special attention was paid to the strength and performance of the machine. Equipment uptime has been maximized with engineers increasing the reliability of the vibratory roller with the introduction of innovative engineering solutions, and high quality components.

JCB unpaved rollers have a maintenance-free center joint. This design significantly reduces the cost of servicing the machine. During production each machine is subjected to two hours of rigorous testing and is delivered ready for intensive loads from the first day of operation. A powerful 114 litre Dieselmax engine was selected to complete the JCB soil rollers.

The motor develops power up to 85 kW, but the noise level does not exceed 104 dB. The power unit of the vibratory rollers is economical and stable in operation. Each engine is tested before being installed on the machine. The dynamic centrifugal force is 256 kN with an amplitude of 1.8 mm and a static linear load of 34.2 kg/cm – these are excellent indicators for the effective compaction of any soil.





JCB 116D soil rollers offer extremely high performance. A powerful power unit reduces fuel costs over the entire life cycle.

Significant displacement of the machine’s center of gravity towards the drum and a new generation of dynamic vibrosystem ensure maximum compaction efficiency. The JCB 444 engine has increased efficiency and excellent torque. It is enough to develop 2,000 rpm in order to set the heavy machine in motion and at the same time ensure low noise and exceptional fuel efficiency.

An additional set of cam pads allows you to quickly transfer equipment from working on loose and incoherent materials to compaction of clay soils.


The JCB VM116 D is easy to operate. With intuitive systems and adjustments, ergonomic panels and handles, as well as a convenient location of the main controls, all reducing the requirements for operator qualifications.

The noise level inside the cab is reduced. In addition, vibration isolation with 4 reinforced rubber pads is provided in the design of the operator’s workplace.

The special shape of the steering wheel and control panels reduce driver fatigue during the shift, while the eccentric shaft system provides the maximum transfer of dynamic forces to the ground while reducing the load on the frame of the machine and the operator.

The standard LiveLink Telematics system is specially designed to constantly monitor the condition of the machine and increase the level of security during operations.


The radiator unit is always available and easy to clean. Due to this, engine cooling is optimized. A fuel tank is also available from ground level for cleaning and refueling.

Hydraulic, engine and fuel system filters are easy to maintain thanks to 100% availability of these components.

It is now possible to quickly get into the engine compartment due to the wide opening rear hood. All system components are optimally positioned at the rear of the chassis and protected by the machine profile.


The 116D’s Dieselmax engine has been tested on 70 different machines for 110,000 hours. They are adapted to perform tasks in difficult working conditions.

The sturdy beams and soil roller frame are designed using the new finite element method. As a result of accurate calculations and a painstaking production process, a durable and reliable design is obtained, verified by accelerated life tests and operation in real field conditions.

Preloaded shock absorbers provide the JCB VM116 D with a long service life. The pre loading of the elements is strictly controlled for uniform operation of the entire assembly.


Greater safety and security, Optimised fleet management and Increased uptime.

LiveLink is an innovative software system that lets you manage JCB machines remotely – online, by email or by mobile phone. Access everything from machine alerts to fuel reports and history information, with all data stored at a secure centre.



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