1CXT Backhoe Loader


Quick Specs

Max Engine Power

36.3kW (49hp)

Max Dig Depth


Bucket Capacity



The JCB 1CXT backhoe loader has always been a versatile compact machine, offering skid steer and excavator performance in one neat package.

Now, JCB gives you the option of running on tracks with the 1CXT backhoe loader – resulting in reduced ground damage, exceptional pushing power, unparalleled stability, superb climbing and improved soft ground performance.

At JCB, we understand the importance of versatility to meet the differing demands of widely diverse industries. That’s why we’ve innovated the world’s smallest backhoe loader to exciting new levels.

JCB 1CXT Backhoe

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Loader

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Loader For Sale

  • Highly manoeuvrable skid steer design
  • Comfortable cab environment
  • In-seat servo excavator/loader controls
  • Gearless servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission
  • Extradig option delivers superior backhoe performance

Whatever the job, you’ll be impressed by the JCB 1CXT mini backhoe loader’s superior productivity. With a powerful Tier 3 engine in a compact  and agile machine and coupled it with loading and digging capabilities to tackle even the toughest jobs.

Furthermore, an optional extending dipper is now available, allowing digs to depths of 3.08m – 36% deeper than its nearest rival in the market – and reach up to 4m at ground level.

The JCB 1CXT also delivers superb tractive effort and impressive pushing power, provided by its high-drive tracks.

Compared to its brother, the 1CX backhoe, it offers a 14% increase in bucket capacity and 30% increase in ground clearance.

What’s more, stabilisers are now only required for the most arduous digging applications, thanks to the 1CXT’s increased stability offered by the tracks.

Operators are also able to complete parallel lifts whilst both raising and lowering as standard – an excellent feature that is only an optional extra on most conventional compact track loaders.


Minimising downtime is an essential part of maximising profit. As a result, the latest JCB 1CXT backhoe loader is both easy to service and safe to operate. The machine is absolutely loaded with features designed to lengthen service intervals and/or provide robust protection for machinery, operators and bystanders alike.

Supreme 500-hour engine service intervals ensures that the JCB 1CXT backhoe loader suffers significantly less downtime compared with many competitor machines.

A large side-mounted 40L fuel tank offers operators the capability to complete both long working stints and easy refuelling.

The 1CXT’s one-piece bonnet and removable side panels ensure the machine affords fast and easy ground level access, for simplified and quick daily checks and routine service activities.


The JCB 1CXT backhoe loader, much like all backhoe loaders, has two work zones. A comfortable and durable swivelling seat allows the operator to easily move between loader and excavator.

A single side door ensures easy access to the cab of the machine, compared to a conventional compact track loader..

The 1CXT backhoe loader also possesses wheeled loader style servo controls, and JCB’s innovative servo drive controls.

When excavating, the 1CXT uses either classic backhoe, or mini excavator controls. These can be energised when facing rearwards, or at 45 degrees for truck loading.

Furthermore, the 1CXT backhoe’s steep-nosed bonnet and front-mounted loader arms provide exceptional visibility for maximised safety and confidence.



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